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Guys and Gals - I'm not saying that leaving boat propulsion in gear when a single handed operator steps (jumps) off onto dock for reason of securing one or more amidships spring line is disastrous every time. Far from it; but, I am clearly intimating that by leaving any boat in gear with engine(s) running while its single handed pilot is off board leaves room for seriously unwanted occurrences to happen. As Auscan mentions in post # 58... that is a great way for added safety while completing the task at hand!

Two reasons I keep harping on this topic regarding avoiding unwanted occurrences as well as general personal safety are twofold (second one the most important!):

1. Murphy’s Law – i.e. no matter how well planned we may be, or smart we may think we are - “Shat Can Happen”! When you least expect it – Expect It!

2. TF is frequented by completely novice persons and/or semi novices who want to join our fantastic pleasure boating lifestyle... they are here looking for direction and to learn all they can! God bless em, and, I’m sure we all wish em the best; as well as hoping to be reading their posts soon. HOWEVER, if I may say... For a forum filled with we boaters who at least have a modicum of boat handling knowledge due to years/decades of boating and marine experiences/doings to flatly intimate across the board that it is perfectly OK during single handed operation to simply jump off boat that is left propelled in forward or reverse gear (even at idle) is just flat wrong! Now, if any experienced boat handler wants to do that maneuver it is up to them... but to recommend it as a perfectly OK general practice that will always result in little to no consequences... Don’t forget about “Murphy’s Law”
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Originally Posted by healhustler View Post
Part of the ease of single handling is "knowing" what to expect.
This is probably one of the most important aspects of running a boat. What is the wind doing? What is the current doing? Is it a time of day that a lot of boats will be charging down the fairway? etc., etc. Situational Analysis (SA) seems to be one of the hardest things to get through a new skipper's head but becomes a habit after several times concentrating on it.

Knowing what could happen or "Knowing what to expect" is damn good advice!
Done with diesel power boats! Have fallen in love with all electric!
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One axium keeps going through my mind whenever I am thinking of taking a short cut or any small risk.

I can get away with something 999 out of 1,000 times. The only problem is I have lived long enough to do everything 1,000 times.

Being conservative while boating is a way of increasing the likelihood you wild be boating tomorrow.

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