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Anzac Day

All my best thoughts are with you on this day of remembrance my southern brothers and sisters.

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Originally Posted by RT Firefly View Post
All my best thoughts are with you on this day of remembrance my southern brothers and sisters.

Thank you

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Have visited the battle field of Galipoli what an awsome place. Makes me think that proper planning would have aided in an unnecessary loss.
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Anzac Day

We were in New Zealand this time last year visiting family and went to several ANZAC day events it is always good to remember and honor their sacrifice
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For our northern friends, a little explanation of ANZAC day

ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. Initially, in WW1 both countries fought for as a single army unit.

The day April 25th, commemorates the day the ANZAC's landed at Gallipoli(Turkey) in 1915. It was a combined allied operation, and militarily, was an utter disaster. The campaign lasted a little under 9 months and resulted in over 250,000 casualties.

The campaign achieved none of its military goals.

So why did it become a touchstone for our countries.Hard to say really, what Gallipoli did show to those at home, and the world in general, that we make the best of a bad situation, we don't cut and run. In essence they had done us proud.

This quality was quickly acknowledged by the British and French commanders on the Western Front from 1916 to the end of the war in 1918. They used ANZAC's as front line troops to spearhead the advances of the set piece battles that were so horrendously expensive in terms of human life.

By the end of the war in 1918 over 60,000 of our soldiers had died, our army had suffered the greatest loss of life per head of population of any of the combatant nations.It was a volunteer army, unlike most other countries we as a nation had voted against conscription(the draft).

The day is celebrated in our typical rowdy way. In amongst the moving tributes, there is lots of partying, two up gambling, footy matches etc.

But we do care, because by and large they have 'done us proud'. Although to an outsider it may be a little bemusing the way we show our feelings.
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An excellent history, thanks Andy. May I add, there is a formal side.
Veteran marches, covering all conflicts we have engaged in, are held in all major cities and most rural towns. Most have a War Memorial, with a park or garden. Often the day starts with a formal dawn service at 4.30am, honoring the fallen with the words:
"They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old. At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them". And the sounding of the last post, by a lone bugle.
All encompassed by the response: "Lest we Forget"
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Well done guys - yah bought tears to me eyes - truly...
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+1 Andy and Bruce
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Yep thanks Guys.
Started the day with the dawn service at Mooloolaba and with perfect weather it was an incredible setting.
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From across the Date Line, tears come to my eyes to think of the young lives wasted in one of the major mess ups of the 20th century wars.

I salute the ANZAC forces and the fine countries they represented.

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