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Originally Posted by rwidman View Post
Is it possible that a beer or two with lunch clouded this guy's decision making ability?

From the quoted article no! Ron and I doubt the police would ticket only, if booze was suspected in this case.

This type of "accident" is a weekly if not a daily event over any weekend here rite beside me.

For what ever reason folk seem to be ever so comfortable with electronic control , including professional mariners here on the coast from what I actually see, witness, and deal with. Not that electronics are the issue IMO but contribute to a false scents of control or something.

Even BC ferries seems to have been caught up in that forgetting to actually look out the window deal. Queen of the north .

Even if the guy had a glass of wine at lunch it be just part of the contribution to this.

My point is its just not that simple , its not just one answer fits all like must have bin booze.

I pulled a boat out from under the bridge beside me a couple of weeks ago after they had made very hard contact with a couple of supports. Third time I have done so with this guy. However this time there was six kids on the bow of the 30 something bubble boat, and zero PFDs on any of the kids. 5 years of age to 12 maybe. Or I would have just sat back and taken f'n pictures. The 12 or so year old boy had more of a skill set than any of the "grown" ups on the vessel.

I was not a happy camper , not that I am perfect.

Lack of knowledge along with an unwilling attitude to learn and or listen IMO is the largest single contributor to these events. I mean god forbid ya listen to the grumpyoldfishboatguy that's running his boat around savin your ass. Please when I get ya out from under don't run me down !

Sorry for the rant but this year has been a very long "boating season" and I aint feeling all that warm and fuzzy with regards to many of my fellow users of our shared water ways. Commercial , pleasure , enforcement and CCG.

Man am I getting grumpy. Safety check ? really WTF ! Talk about a bit late.

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Originally Posted by OFB View Post
From the quoted article no! Ron and I doubt the police would ticket only, if booze was suspected in this case. ..........
I wasn't implying BUI, this has already been dismissed. I'm suggesting that the "one or two beers with lunch" that people claim doesn't affect them may have affected his judgement to rely on the autopilot. Or not, we don't know.

Something certainly affected his judgement or he wouldn't have done that. Just plain stupid, perhaps?
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Maybe he was pondering the "crimp and solder" thread and became REALLY anxious and was wondering where his Xanax pills THAT would cloud ones judgement more than a beer or two....

It's amazing when the MEDIA even reports alcohol was not suspected in the first article and someone has to DRAG it in as the culprit like the bazzilion other things in life are inconsequential to a couple beers....that maybe have not even been there...
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While beer might not have been involved, me-thinks the captain allowed himself to be distracted by jugs.
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Mr. MM.
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