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Originally Posted by GonzoF1 View Post
Why? I'd much rather get ads that have some reasonable expectation of relevancy rather than ads for crap I have no interest in whatsoever.
Do you read the ads? Do you click on them?

I don't. If there is something I need or want to buy, I do a web search for the product and then go to the vendor's websites. I don't need help doing this.

Right now, There's an ad for JC Pennys at the top of the screen. I suspect my wife has been shopping on the computer.
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Originally Posted by BaltimoreLurker View Post
If that bothers you, you may have to drop off the grid entirely. What with your cell phone, black boxes in your autos, credit card usage, video cams everywhere, ATM usage, etc., etc. - the data miners and "The Man" are able to find out what you're up to and interested in. What you eat, what you drink, how fast you drive, where you go, who you talk to, when and how much.

It is a bad trend and I don't like it either. But .... I don't want to live like OBL in Abbottabad, so, here we are.

I had a mental block on that info.Now it's back to the foil hat and living in a fox hole.See you guys after the end on 12-21-12.

They also know about all the porn you watch too,because they are also watching it.
This is my signature line. There are many like it but this one is mine.

What a pain in the transom.

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Originally Posted by rwidman View Post
I don't read the ads and I don't click on them. My point is, someone is tracking where we go on the Internet. That's a bad trend.
Welcome to the digital age sir, happened about 10 years ago.

Please keep what you posted above to yourself though, we don't want others to figure it out too
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