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Originally Posted by HopCar View Post
Hugo Vahlen lived next door to a friend of mine. He had April Fool in his back yard. My friend introduced us and Hugo gave me a tour of the boat. It was a short tour.

Just for you anchor nuts, it had a Danforth.
Is it the best anchor? (I know I am nasty)


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Originally Posted by ssobol View Post
Saw this in a museum. Used to cross the Atlantic. LOA 6' 3".
What a lightweight

Real men use washing machines

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Originally Posted by MurrayM View Post
You want small? How about Ed Gillette's successfully solo sea kayaking, in a 21' kayak, 2400 miles from California to Hawaii;

interview starts at 1:25

What a great interview! totally Carson, entertaining yet serious as necessary. Thanks for digging that one up.
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In 1896, two Norwegian-born Americans in a clinker-built 18' dory, rowed across the Atlantic from NYC to England in 55 days. No support vessel.
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Watched the rowers come in in English Harbor at the their conclusion from going transatlantic. Most remarkable little vessels. Most had canopies. Elegant nav systems, bunking areas and efficient sliding seat rowing stations. Ladies and men, young and not so much. An interesting subculture of folks. Wife commented that we bitch about passage having all the comforts of home and these folks crossed the Atlantic with no showers, unable to stand, stretch and walk around, and every activity of daily living a big undertaking.
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large enough to hold the food and fuel for a 2 week transit at an economical speed without escort or replenishment.

the 82 foot patrol boat I was on was more then sea worthy enough, did many 30 foot waves on her, very uncomfortable to say the least. it had a narrow beam compared to maybe a fishing vessel of the same length. it might have been able to store enough food if you also stored food in the boatswain hole and the lazerette,(after steering), and the void under the forward berthing would have to be mostly dry stores. you’d run out of fresh food and frozen fairly fast. no way it could have carried enough fuel.

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