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IG 32 Modifications?

Are the mods made to this 32 positive or negative to value? What would a surveyor do in evaluating the swim platform extension and bulbous bow? I find it interesting, but!

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What the heck???

If the owner wanted a bigger boat, why didn't he just buy an IG 36?

The IG 32 is one of my favorite 32' trawlers.

The interior of the boat shows well, but there are no pics of the engine.

Aside from the changes to the bow, looks like an custom extension on the back as well, much more than just a swim platform.

Wonder what she looks like out of the water?

I'm going to guess its a negative value to the boat, but maybe a sea trial would show differently.


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It`s a Europa which is a plus. Other 32s I`ve seen have dining one side and some seating the other side of the salon, whereas this one is all galley one side,a negative imo. Check that stove for leaks if it`s propane/LPG.Why does it have what looks a second oven?

ER pics and tank replacement info would be good. I see the decks have been redone, a big plus.

The hull extension is a major alteration. Was any change made to the running gear, prop and rudder, location? Changes like this need careful assessment out of the water. Is the redesign safe, how well was the work done.An insurer will need to be informed about changes.
Well done, imo the work could add some value, though IG purists might differ.
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I am baffled. Why would someone spend 200K to convert a 32 to a 36?

Some questions: Were the modifications designed by a naval architect? Does the as built configuration match the design. I notice the draft is significantly reduced. This would have an impact on sea keeping ability.

I am also puzzled, why would someone would reduce holding tank capacity from 40 gallons to 20. I would convert that back to 40 real fast. Eliminating seating capacity to expand galley counter space is another puzzle. I'm not convinced the redesign added anything of value to the boat.
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Have we not seen this boat here before?.. 2-3 years ago?
The wackiest way to throw money into a hole in the water I have ever seen.
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Originally Posted by hollywood8118 View Post
Have we not seen this boat here before?.. 2-3 years ago?
The wackiest way to throw money into a hole in the water I have ever seen.

We have seen it before, but I'm too lazy to search for the thread.

David Hawkins
Deer Isle, Maine
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