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TF Site Team
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New Mobile browsing option | Mobile skin

We have a new browsing option to view the site while on mobile devices.

As you know the forum has a mobile app that you can download and use for mobile browsing but we now have a second option as well, with no download needed. The forum has a new mobile view that you can select or unselect.

When you navigate to the site on a mobile device you should see the new mobile skin (unless you are using the mobile app). If you don't have the app loaded on your device you will receive the prompt to download it - you can just dismiss the prompt and continue on to the mobile skin.

If you want to see the full site instead, you can scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and there is a link to return to the full site view. The mobile skin is a great option for a small screen and designed to be fast and light. Not every feature of the full site is supported but for daily browsing and posting it should be awesome.

If you are browsing on a large tablet you may not see the mobile skin automatically but again can scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the mobile skin from the style chooser option box (lower left).

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TF Site Team
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Is this for Apple devices only or also android? I'm not seeing the link on my droid tablet.
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TF Site Team
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It worked fine on my Droid phone as well as laptop w/ Win 7 & Chrome
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I'm sort of not understanding. If we have the app already installed on our devices, will we get the option?

If not, is the app still better or what??
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TF Site Team
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If you have the app on your phone, you can still use it.

If you want to use the new mobile skin instead you will need to either disable the app, or use another browser on your device and navigate to the site. When you are prompted to use the app, close the prompt. One small devices the mobile site should load automatically (if you are not using the app).

If you are using a tablet, it may not automatically load. You may see the regular web view of the site. That's fine but if you WANT the mobile view instead, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the mobile skin.

Just to be clear - the mobile skin should work for both android and IOS and is NOT the same as the mobile APP (which requires a download). We have 3 viewing options:

1. Regular full web view - most often used by those on PCs or large tablets.

2. The Forum Mobile APP. This requires a download from google play or itunes and is for mobile devices only.

3. The new mobile skin which will work on any device including a PC and doesn't require any download. The new mobile skin is not better or worse than the app - just a little different
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Experienced it yesterday for the first time on my iPhone 6. Takes some adjusting (as does anything new) but I'm starting to like it. One difference is that the "new Posts" feature shows all new posts, including the Off Topic Forum, that I don't see on the regular forum site. (Which is fine.) I tried the mobile app some time ago and it wasn't for me, but this seems to be a good solution for my iPhone.
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Looks and works great on my LG G3 using Android 5 and Chrome browser.

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I opted back to the "Full Site" option after trying it for a day on my I-6. When selecting a forum thread, it simply takes me to the first page and first share each time instead of the last post I read. Additionally, today I started getting local ads appearing over the page at the bottom that I have to manually select to put away, making a small screen to view posts even smaller. Not as friendly.

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That's been my experience too Larry. App works great from my iPhone 5 and no ad clutter to deal with.

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