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Anyone Do the Loop in 27FC or 28 TE?

Anyone done the ICW run from Norfolk to the Keys or the loop in a Albin 27FC? Iíve heard of people doing in in Ranger tugs but kinda likes the looks and like the dual cabin layout. Thoughts? Iím dreaming for my future boat. Love the dual cabin layout of the 27 but I think the 28TE will be a better overall fit for what my wife and I. We enjoy cruising and fishing near and offshore, and anchoring over at the barrier islands for the weekend. But we want to comfortably do trips down the ICW and eventually go to the Keys and maybe the entire loop. Thanks for the insite.

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Mr. Jm. This seems to be a common question. "Can we do such and such in this (insert brand/size/model) boat". IMO, one can go pretty well anywhere in any boat with a very close eye to weather AND access to food and fuel.

We've only done the ICW from, essentially, Norfolk to Marathon with one side trip to Bimini, Bahamas. Although our "southern boat" IS 46', our "northern boat" is a vintage 23' Penn Yan Sport Fish and I would NOT hesitate to travel the same waters (ICW/Bimini) in it. As mentioned above, weather would be the MAJOR factor in a go/no-go decision for the Penn Yan, on a daily basis.

My $.02...

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In Washington state, there is a company called Slow Boat which creates small flotillas and takes them up to Alaska from I think Anacortes into the southern panhandle of Alaska. There are three owners of this company, one of which took his 22 foot express cruiser from Washington into Alaska and back a couple of times.

Here are webinars they have created for folks for the run I have described above. In one webinar, what kind of boat must you have is discussed, the parameters are pretty wide. The longest fuel jump is 85 nautical miles.

Slowboat Webinars – Slowboat
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Yes. I know there was a Brit who did it with a pretty good blog going. I thought I'd book marked but can't yet seem to locate it. I'll post it up once I do. Otherwise....

This is a good project page for inspiration -

Albin 27 Family Cruiser

And of course the owners forum -

Welcome to Albin Owners Group

A "video" blog on utube -

These might whet your appetite for adventure....
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