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Albin 25/27 Opinions

We decided to build our dream retirement home (southern Delaware) and ended up spending a lot more money that we originally planned. Thus, the budget for the retirement boat shrank. This got me thinking maybe it would better to consider a day boat instead of a larger boat. Thus, I have been away, since June, participating in forums for smaller boats.

Then, I started thinking what about getting an older boat, like an Albin 25 (8í6Ē beam) or 27 (9í8Ē beam)? Big enough that I could keep it in a slip and yet still small enough that I could trailer it places when I wanted. I have a beefy enough truck that I could easily trailer the 25 wherever I wanted and could even haul the 27 if I could keep down the weight.

The Albin 25 is like the VW campervan of boats. Small, quirky, well designed, and has an almost cult-like following which has resulted in a lot of these 45+ year-old boats still afloat. If I get an Albin 25, I would probably look for one that has gone through a refit (with a repower) sometime in its past. I would also get a trailer for the boat, as the trailerability is one advantage over its slightly bigger sibling, the Albin 27.

I know that several members have had Albin 25ís in the past. I would appreciate any feedback on using the boat as a day boat and maybe week-long trips. Also, any feedback on keeping the boat on a trailer and launching it from a ramp?

I donít know if there are any former Albin 27 owners? If so, I would appreciate your feedback as well. For the 27, I would be interested in both the family cruiser and the sport cruiser. I would probably get a trailer for destination trips, and would probably use a lift to get the boat into and out of the water.

I have joined the Albin Owners Group (AOG) and have found the Albin Cruisers 25 & 27 Facebook page.

Thanks in advance for any advice on these boats,

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Somewhat biased here, but we have definitely enjoyed our Albin27. We bought her 5 years ago and had her at our dock on the Chesapeake and have taken her on the ICW three times.

You are correct - smaller, more simple trawlers are more affordable than larger trawlers (Marina fees, fuel, repairs, maintenance) and offers you more flexibility. We are usually one of the smallest trawlers at marinas, so we usually pay half of what others pay for the same amenities. Yes, itís more like having a class B camper van vs a Class A (with onboard laundry and staterooms), but we usually donít have problems booking slips or getting safer anchorages during crazy weather because of our draft. We are very active and enjoy fishing diving, paddle boarding, etc when we travel and use our boat to live out of, where folks in bigger boats tend to live in it.

Other info that you might want to considerÖ

* checkout the Facebook group, trailable trawlers - We have considered tugs, Rossis and cdorys and although those boats could run faster than Albins (hull type), Albin design seems to have a lot more space, and definitely not as much of a value add. Even if you pay to completely repower an Albin with a brand new engine, it will still cost you a lot less than other trailable trawlers

* smart to look for Albins that are cruise ready and donít need a lot of work. We got lucky and bought ours already updated and modified. People, including us, spend thousands to get their Albin updated and realize they wonít get everything they put into it

* We had our A27 on a lift as well until we sold our home on the bay last year. They are wider than the 25s, so depending on where you trailer, may need special license. We had ours trailered from TX to Va when we bought her

* If you can trailer a boat without stress, then we envy you! We want to explore the rest of the US but canít trailer a boat. We are currently in the Keys, and plan to stay at a local State Park - 11 month wait to stay there in a camper, but no wait for their Marina! If you want to visit the keys without running the ICW or the outside, a trailable trawler is the way to go. We have a modified A27FC, with full enclosure and no aft cabin (similar to an SC) so it has been easy to stay on her for long range travel.
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OP, you should think about how often you will be trailering, where the 8'6 beam makes it easy versus the 9/8 requires a permit (not difficult to obtain).

What you'd find however is a huge difference favoring the wider boat regards to the interior comfort, roll acceleration and motion in a seaway. I'd recommend leaning in that direction.
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Albin Vega 27

What? You mean mentioning the Albin Vega or Albin Ballad is out of vogue?
My Vega #2891 is still afloat and last I heard was sailing on the Mediterranean near Italy.

I bought her new at a German boat show in Southern Germany. Had her delivered by platform railway car to Utting am See - on the Ammer See. After 4 years there, I dropped her on the Rhein Donau Canal in Neuerenberg and motored her to the Mainz River, then turned to starbord onto the Rhein, and motored her to Stavern, Friesland, the Netherlands alone.

When my Wife discovered I was looking for crew to sail across the pond, she put her foot down, "Saying I don't want to find you in ground up can of cat food."

So, it appears it became someone else's dream.

Best Wishes,
Rollyn Trueblood
23 Palmer Dr
Middletown, DE 19709
O: 302 239 9788
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Thanks for the feedback.

I love the layout on the 27, but the 25 has the advantage of trailering at a moment's notice, which is a plus as I edge closer to retirement!

Definitely would prefer a 25 that has had a repower sometime in its recent history. Otherwise, the boat would have to come with a pretty nice (newer) trailer so I didn't have to pay for both.

Bearkeley, you have a beautiful 27!

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