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Inflatable Leaking

I have a 3 month old Walker Bay RIB with center console and 20 HP Honda. It has a very slow leak which I haven't been able to locate. The leak requires refilling every 4-6 days. My previous inflatable would stay hard for 5-6 months. The Walker Bay is still under warranty, but I don't have the means to take it to a dealer. Is that much leakage normal, and if not, will the dealers come to my marina slip to inspect/repair?

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That much leakage is not normal. But no dealer (WM, maybe?) is going to make a house call. And if you take it to WM for example their only solution is to give you your money back. They wont repair it. Your only recourse is to take it back and get a new one.

I would talk to the dealer, explain the situation and if you want a new one, have them order it. Then get a friend with a pickup to help you take it back to them and pick up the new one.


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My 2.7M inflatable was accumulating water overnight sitting in the water. Removed the airdeck floor and checked for leaks, faulty seams, nothing found. Checked the so called "one way" valve in the transom to find several small leaves lying against the rubber seal inside the valve possibly holding the rubber seal slightly open. I recognize the leaves from a tree at home I had the dinghy under drying out. They are gone, I will test it next time out. So if the dinghy leaks, make the drain valve one of your checks.
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Also check the valves. Some of them screw in(I don't mean the cap, I mean whats below the cap) I had a "leak" this past summer and it turned out that one of the valves was loose.

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Our local WB dealer will indeed make house calls... within reason, and in our case we're within about 10 miles. Still, we have our own trailer.

You might be able to borrow one, or get a bud to help tow one, etc.?

We have a small leak, too, not easy to find but I haven't spent much time with it.

Hint from dealer: It's much faster to fix if the user can find the leak in advance. That way dealer's time is usually a simple and quick fix. If they have to spend time finding the leak... you're at the mercy of their work schedule.

Hint from our dealer: it's easier to find a leak when the tubes are not fully inflated. When the tubes are full inflated, the higher pressure tends to seal the leak a bit so soap bubbles (or whatever) aren't as easy to find.

Hint from dealer: if it's a valve (check those first), those are usually user replaceable... although I think he meant he'd lend me their tool to do it, save me hauling it up to their shop.

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