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Salon Door Hinges Needed

Two of my salon door hinges on my 1985 36ft cl have broken / frozen pins. I cant get them out, and screwed up one of the hinge halves by trying to drill the pin out. the drill bit wandered.

I have emailed a request to Grand Banks parts in Singapore. No response.
There was a manufacturer of the hinge that discontinued making them.

Can you tell me where to get a few of these gems?

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Hi Myron

I have just ordered 3 pairs of these hinges in the UK. I am not absolutely certain that they are the correct size but are not far off. There is a 2 week lead time for the hinges. Once I have them I will confirm with you if they are correct.

All the best regards Fred
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Mr. m. Have you considered bringing the hinges to a machine shop? They should be able to remove the pins and fit new ones. Depending on the severity of the "drill wander" (yup, I've been there as well) they might be able to fix both.
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I bought 3 hinges from the UK about 4 months ago.About $80 for 3. The dimensions were almost identical and they worked great. I just had to shim the door side about 1/16" to make the doors work perfect.

By the way, I tried drilling the pins out and my bit wandered.

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PM sent
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Brass hinges on our '84 have pins that are intended to stay in place, but some don't. One dropped out and disappeared prior to our ownership. Relatively cheapie brass hinges I've bought for the kitchen cabinets are similar and similarly disposed to lose their pins. These pins stay in place only because of the interference fit in the barrel of one leaf of the hinge.

You should not have to drill the pins out. Take the hinge off and to a place you can firmly clamp it. Then drive the offending pins out. Normal collections of store-bought drifts do not have long enough cylindrical punches or drifts. I use common nails of the largest diameter fitting the barrel as my drifts; I grind the point off so that the new drift does not spread the pin wider. (My drift, punch, and metal chisel collection has quite a number of repurposed nails.)

Finding new pins can be a chore and luck plays a part. I've used brazing rod. Either snug one of the barrels, squeeze in a vice or tap it slightly out-of-round or slightly flatten/widen one end of the pin to hold the pin in place. Make sure the other barrels are loose enough to allow the hinge to operate.

There's no drilling the pins out that's not fraught with frustration and failure.
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What is so unique about them that a slightly different hinge would not work?

IMO pins dropping out mean the hinge is installed upside down.
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