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GB 42 lazerette hatch hinge uses machine thread screws??

New to me 2000 GB 42. I noticed lazerette hatch hinges were loose. A closer look shows that the screws are machine thread which (to me) would imply a nut or something under the deck that the screw can thread into. Unfortunately even a longer screw (w/same thread) doesn't "bite".

Hoping someone can share some information - I posted this question on the Grand Banks site a few days ago, but haven't gotten an answer. Thanks!

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Mr. FB. I've dealt with the same issue on our vessel (non GB) in that the stanchion bases are attached with machine screws with no visible bolts underneath. Now whether or not there were ever bolts underneath OR the fiber glass was simply tapped is unknown. In MY situation I purchased threaded inserts similar to this:

In hindsight I would have installed them differently (used a large slotted screwdriver which didn't work all that well). Next time I'll use something similar to this:


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Where there is solid glass, tapping and using machine screws can work really well. So that might be what you are seeing, except with the "threads" pulled out.

Insets like RT showed are one solution, and I've seen them in stainless. It would probably be good to bed both the inserts and the final screws in 4200 or equivalent.

The other approach would be to clean out the holes, fill with epoxy, then re-drill and re-tap.
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...or redrill, epoxy in a dowel, drill, and use a wood screw.
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A finish carpenter taught me this. Using Gorilla glue, wet toothpicks (they're made of hardwood) and jam them in the hole with the glue. Wetting is necessary. Cut off the excess when it dries and voila, rock solid foundation for wood screws. I've hung heavy doors on horribly ruined jambs doing this and had zero failures.
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