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Folding (radar) masts on Grand Banks yachts

Dear All,

My 51 year old wooden GB 32 is under cover in the Pacific Northwest, for which I am very grateful.

There is however one small, or rather tall - issue: the mast and boom.......

The mast is 18 feet and 2 inches high and will not fit under the cover of the slip. So I am wondering if any other GB or other trawler owners have the same issue and if they thought of a solution. I have only once seen a picture of a beautiful stainless steel hinge, but it would still leave me about 8 feet of mast to be lowered and raised every time I go in to the slip.
Raising and lowering by hand with cables and pulleys is not my first choice, so I was thinking about hydraulic or electric assistance to accomplish this task.

Cutting the mast is not an option......and I would like the mast back on board, makes the boat look better and I have the boom back for my dinghy.

Thanks for any help you can give.

Alicia Anne

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I have a 36 Europa that goes into a shed.

What I do is run a line under the spreader, as a bridle. I tie one end to the Bimini top at a brace, and feed the other end out from the opposite side brace.

The mast drops to just the height of the Bimini, and is easy to handle. I tie off and center it as I go.

Keeps the top clear so I can work around boat without it in my way. The higher you tie off the more leverage you have.

On the IGBO site I show mods made to the mast. Everything is super clean now, no spreaders etc. LEDs on mast light up boat at night, radar and antennas are on simple welded brackets.

Look up "grandbankschoices"

36 Grand Banks Europa
Montgomery, TX
Blog: "grandbankschoices"
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I put a block on the port and starboard upper stays, lengthened the stays to make a block and tackle to lower the mast about 30 deg. to get through the boat house door. if any interest I could give a bit more detail.
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When we bought our boathouse we had to take off the mast. Installed a pipe davit for the tender.

The boat did not look right without the mast so I hinged it and put it back on. It was too heavy to lift up.

I tried the block and tackle method but it too long to get the mast up.

I hollowed the mast, which made it a lot easier to lift up.

Eventually will have do devise a pneumatic lift or a linear actuator to lift the mast when I'm unable to lift it.
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I have a 48 yr old 32 in Seattle as well, under cover. My mast is hinged at about six feet up, moves towards the bow and sits right on top of the starboard bench and rests on the cushion. It’s out of the way and stable. I can raise it alone and just wait until I back out and have some room.. often I put it up or down as I’m locking through Salmon Bay.
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