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Flybridge Enclosures, and other... 42 GB Classic

Hello all,
Getting closer to the purchase of our first trawler. She is located in ME (South Bristol) area.
Could use some help...trying to locate reputable folks who can:
-replace canvas flybridge
-reupholster salon cushions
-enclosure for the flybridge (to extend boating season).

I have a great surveyor lined up. Looking for an engine guy who has great experience with F-L 135hp.

The fuel tanks are originals and I would like have a pressure test completed on them.

I know this is a lot to ask, but really could use any info on approx cost of any of these items.
Thanks so much. I have gotten so much great information from reading my posts and others.
Thank you, in advance!

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Can't help with the upholstery but I don't think there is anything to gain by pressure testing the tanks? Carefully inspect the tops of the tanks for rust where the filler will have possibly leaked. Try to get a camera behind them. "Usually" it is leaking water from a poor seal around a deck fill that rusts them from the outside but poor fuel and water inside can be a problem too. You will not know if you have a problem inside unless you open inspection hatches and if they have never been serviced you will have to install them. POR15 is a very good coating to paint the outsides of the tanks, it goes right over rust. Good luck. What year GB?

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Current owner might not be too thrilled with the prospect of you blowing a hole in his tank and filling his bilges with diesel. You can buy an inexpensive borescope and possibly check internal condition via fill pipe if you can get by the baffles.
There are a number of boatyards in the So Bristol area. Presume they all have contacts for marine upholstery. Work the phone and they should be able to point you in the the right direction.
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As the longtime owner of a GB36 in maine, although in the Brunswick area, a couple of thoughts. Engine surveyor John Pride 207 730 1323. Canvas -Mobile Marine Canvas in Harpswell, upholstery Brunswick Cushion in Brunswick. They both did canvas and cushions for our 36. Unfortunately, this is Spring and they are probably very busy. I would think twice about a bridge enclosure up here. We never used ours and retreated to the pilothouse when it was cold, wet or windy, which describes a lot of the weather here. Visibility from the pilothouse is great, the wipers wipe real glass, and heat emanates from the engine under your feet. Concur with the advice on the tanks, a good look at the tops near the fills for rust, and treating any with OSPHO or equivalent, and rebedding the fuel fills on the decks will eliminate any future damage. Our '88 tanks were in great condition when we sold her last summer.
Good Luck
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Besides the current owner could sue you possibly if you did blow a hole in the tanks during a pressure test. And the there are the environmental concerns if you did blow a hole and some of the diesel got pumped overboard. Do a visual inspection on the tanks and then take your chances.
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Originally Posted by roger howell View Post
... a couple of thoughts. Engine surveyor John Pride 207 730 1323. ]
He surveyed the C-12s in our Eastbay (down in Rhode Island) and did a thorough job. I was fortunate to be present when it was being done. John gave a very good run-down and had a lot of great insights to share. Mind you, his time is billable (as he was honest about pointing out) but it was great to have him there to discuss some further details. He also pointed out you could call him later, for free instead!

So yeah, I second recommending him for the engine survey.

-- Bill Kearney
2005 Eastbay 47 FB - Solstice
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