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Viking 44 ?

I think my boat might be sold.

I am considering looking at a 1982 Viking 44. What are their highlights and what are their inherent problems?

Thanks in advance

Tony B

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RE: Viking 44 ?????

i delivered a lot of them yrs ago* for viking dealers they are ok,they were built in the old gulf star factory in st pete florida,they have 671tbs buy pass engines, 450 hp. the engine room is tight.* i think that you are talking about a 44 double cabin? those were the ones built in st pete.

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RE: Viking 44 ?????


On a 30 year old boat the brand plays second fiddle to owner(s) diligience, maintenance, boat history such as hurricane damage or dock sinkings and survey.

Some history would be helpful such as
* Boat's primary port
* Fresh or salt water
* Engines
* Fuel tank material

Most 44' 30 year old vessels will be a project boat, how big is your wallet?
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RE: Viking 44 ?????

Going from sail to big DD will give you fuel price shock. Have you looked at Grand Banks or Defevers Trawlers. There are some great buys for under $200K. Also better resale with fuel prices still going up. Also the stabile ride you were having with your sail will not be there with the Viking as it has no keel. There are a few 49' G.B s under $ 200k. Good luck.
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RE: Viking 44 ?????

I would generally give it a thumbs down simply for the engines. You will be very lucky to get 1 gallon per mile at 8kts...unacceptable in my opinion. I know these boats can be had fairly cheaply and it is because of what I just said. They are old and thirsty and loud and smokey. And if you are buying because they are cheap then you are likely to be crying when the fuel bill comes in.

The real question is..."What do you want??!!!"!!!! Do you want speed? If the answer is "NO" then definitely stay away from these boats and look more towards the Taiwanese boats with smaller 4 stroke thumpers. If you do want speed I would direct you to a Hatteras 40 ACMY or even a 43 with Caterpillar....those boats are likely to get 1GPM at speed and better when off plane.

Tony, I am in League City. If you ever want to grab a cup of coffee or a beer and talk trawlers I would be more than happy to. PM me if you want to meet up. There is nothing inherently wrong with the V44. I just think there are much better choices out there regardless of your needs/wants!
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RE: Viking 44 ?????

While I agree 100% re: fuel cost for the old detroit diesels, your comments about better fuel economy in the hatts over the viking have me baffled. The 43 hatt or the 44 Viking would have the same DD's in them, similar displacement, etc. and in my experience, fuel economy, or the lack thereof!!) would be nearly the same between the 44 Viking and a 43 hatt.
But as others stated, unless you want a REALLY loud boat that drinks fuel like crazy, you would not be happy with that boat. Personally, I don't like loud engines and DD's are about as loud as they can possibly get. It also gets old if you go for a cruise for a few days- hearing the noise of those DD's for 8 hours a day can wear you out unless you really like loud engines in which case you would love the DD's.
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RE: Viking 44 ?????

"They are old and thirsty and loud and smokey."

The BEAUTY of DD is they can easily and cheaply be matched to the required HP.

While a semi plaining or true plaining boat will never be as efficient at low speeds (-20% or so) at least the engines can be reset for a bunch more efficiency if the boat will now be a displacement cruiser..

Injectors are about $35 each and can be owner installed , if one has ever adjusted the valves on a 6 cylinder Chevvy , and HAS the DD book, and a $35 tool.

Smoke comes from worn out or un-maintained engines , every brand.

If a DD stops smoking when warm (over 140F) the compression is good enough for another 5000 hours.

Most DD , if properly done will create 16 hp from a gallon of fuel.

In theory most tractor marinizations could make 18hp , tho most are set up for factory max RPM at full throttle , which reduces their efficiency at cruise to DD levels or even lower.

If a DD leaks , find a wrench to fix the gaskets.

If a DD smokes , decide WHY! and simply repair it .

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