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Smile Cheoy Lee MY

I was looking at a Choey Lee when I heard the nick name Choey Leeky so not to be discouraged I went and saw one any ways 1987 Cheoy Lee Efficient Cockpit Motor Yacht Power Boat For Sale -
Or at least a look alike to this boat I noticed they do appear to have an issue around the windows and from the cover door going from the fly bridge down to pilot house so here are my questions
1) Does any body on this forum have one they can offer me input from
2) Is this common on all trawlers?
3) Could this just be a maintanace issue
4) the window are just screwed into the fiberglass should they be through bolted
5) Is there another manufacturer that makes a similar design that works better ie full width salon and a small area in the rear of the boat to fish/dive ease of entry area and so on

Your input will be greatly appreciated

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Looks nice. I like it. I want it. Too bad it's in the US, and I'm not.

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You will look a long way to beat a Cheoy Lee
I own a 32 ft trawler
Yes the windows leak however this is due to their age and can be rectified by resealing
The wooden frames are screwed into the solid fiberglass superstructure and into the timber frame behind it
They are built as solid as a brick s##thouse and are all glass
Yes all trawler windows leak i believe at some time as those built in the 70's and 80's need resealing due to sealant breaking down
Unless you can afford a recent vessel you will probably have this problem
On mine the timber is stained but because it is teak it is not rotten

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Maybe it's the dark hull but to me it just looks like a big houseboat.

North Western Washington State USA
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Most if not all boats will leak over time as the sealant caulking will harden/crack/fail. Every year I check our boat for leaks in September and make repairs. Its just part of owning a older boat. If you don't want maintence the buy a newer boat!

Choy Lee is a well made boat and has a great reputation. They mainly make larger yatchs.
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Every boat leaks. If not, you just haven't discovered where yet.

Preventative maintenance will help mitigate it but there's always something to do on a boat, especially older ones.

It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they've been fooled - Mark Twain
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The term "Cheoy Leaky" probably stems from the somewhat popular misconception that they were built in Taiwan (where the term "Leaky Teaky" started). Cheoy Lee traces its roots to 1870 in Shanghai, and moved to Hong Kong in 1936. Same ownership for more than 100 years. They now only build "big" boats (tugs and commercial vessels, with motoryachts up to 144').

Ours was launched in 1979 and though windows will occasionally leak over time (as will the teal decks if not properly maintained), she's very well-built and engineered. Before buying her we were warned to stay away from Cheoy Lees as they were they typical Leaky Teakys and the house was glassed over plywood with all the associated problems. Those people were ill informed. The entire cabin is in fact solid fiberglass.

Here's the association web site for more info: Cheoy Lee Sailboat Association
Port Townsend, WA
m/v Traveler - '79 Cheoy Lee 46 LRC
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My decks are also fibreglass with teak laid over
Mine was built in Hong Kong by Halvorsens in 1982

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I'm no seasoned mariner, but this is a huge engine room on a 55' Cheoy Lee Flushdeck:
begins at 8:56 mark. No audio (what was the broker thinking?)

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