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Mainship 390 vs. Camano 31

I'm a wannabee trawler owner but getting more serious about purchasing a trawler.

The two models I am looking at are the Mainship 390 and the Camano 31.

My plan is to place the vessel in a charter fleet for the Spring, Summer and Fall months in the Chesapeake Bay.

You see, my seasonal business operates on Spring, Summer and Fall weekends so I will be able to use her some weekdays when I have time off. I am hoping the charter revenue will off-set some or all of the expenses of the boat.

Since my business is seasonal I have a reduced work load after October 15th until April 15 so i plan to run the boat from the Chesapeake Bay to Florida for the Winter months each year.

I'm looking for input from Mainship 390 owners about the boat and if anyone has input on the Camano 31 as well.

I am concerned that some of the Camanos don't have generators (which seems odd to me), I'd have to buy one with a generator.

From my research so far it seems to me the Camano is better built with better economics, meaning it costs less to run and being shorter will cost less in dockage but the Mainship has more room.

Any and all comments would be appreciated.

Thank you!

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I've not had any direct experience with either brand. But from what I have learned over the years and particulary been told by the owners of both brands I would get a Camano hands down over a Mainship. I have gotten the impression that there is a major quality difference between the two brands.

Others with direct experience with these brands may dispute this and for valid reasons that I'm not aware of. But based on what I have read and been told by people with experience with both, were we in the market for a new boat in the 30' size, Camano would be on the list and Mainship would not.

Of course, if we're talking used boats a lot has to do with how the boat was treated by previous owners.

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Like Marin, I have no direct experience of owning either vessel. However, I have known owners of both kinds. There are plenty of Mainships including 390s plying the Chesapeake Bay. Either boat should give you good service on the bay. Fuel cost will be probably the smallest cost you have in operating either one. For me there would be no comparison in accommodations and livability. Because of that I would go for the 390 hands down. They are both good reasonably priced boats.
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xraycharlie, check the new thread "Camano Troll For Sale", it may be of interest.
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XRAYCHARLIE.. I have a 34' 2005 MS flybridge trawler - ergo, some experience... I looked for about a year for the best boat for me - saw Camano's and other brands at Trawler Fests... Camano among other things, was just too small for the price. I'd think twice before going off shore in a Camano. Suggest you check with Steve Cyr at Stella Blue - just google Stella Blue and check with JD at Stella di Mere... they're MS owners and have tons of experience.

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I'm not sure how I missed this thread. I was in the Caribbean for several weeks without internet access, but i thought I caught up on everything when I got back.

I think the quality problems Marin refered to were soft decks on the original 34's from the late 70's. Any 40 year old boat might have similar issues. The 390's were built from 98 through 04 and the only real issue with them was the swim platform filling with water (it is hollow). Mainship fixed most if not all of those under warranty. I have had a 390 for the last 6 years and would recommend it to anyone. Never been on a Camano so I can't comment on them
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