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Mainship 34 Pilot circuit breaker?

Hello...I'm looking to replace two undersized breakers on my 2001 Mainship 34 pilot. I'd like to replace them with the identical mfg. can anyone identify what brand they are? Blue Seas? Ancor?
Also need to replace one red light on the panel and am not sure who makes those too.
Thanks for your help.
Cape Cod

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Panel lights

Amber and red panel lights are here. Order some spares.
Panel indicator lights 12v 125v

Jack & Julie Dooley
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I wouldn't just replace the breakers without checking the wire size that they feed. In general breakers protect wire from shorting/melting, not the appliances they are connected to.

If they are AC breakers then stick with 15A for 14 gauge and 20A for 12 gauge wire as that is what the NEC requires. That is also a good rule of thumb for DC breakers.

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Thanks for the replies! The wire size is appropriate appropriate for a 15 amp breaker.. I'm just being fussy and would like all switches on the panel to match. I think they might be an older version of a Blue Seas breaker but would like to find the exact replacement if still available.
Thanks all!
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Get the numbers from the breakers and look them up. And don't use a larger capacity breaker than the original unless you are absolutely certain the wire size is appropriate for that capacity.

Remember, it's possible that even though you see a #14 or #12 wire at the breaker, someone may have added smaller wires to the circuit at some point and changed the breaker to protect the smaller wire. It's poor practice, but it's entirely possible someone may have done this before you bought the boat.
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good info. subscribed

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