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Does Anyone Trailer a 30' Mainship Pilot II?

Thinking of buying a Mainship Pilot II but if I do I am hoping to trailer it. Has anyone had a trailer made for the Pilot II and at what approximate cost? Any specifics that I need to know for when I begin to get quotes? 2 axles or 3? If too difficult or costly to build a trailer I might has well look for a 34' Looking at one in the Great Lakes and there are several on the East coast. Thanks for any info!!

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I have not towed a Mainship, but have towed many boats in that size range. I like triple axle trailers for that size. They track better you still have 2tires on the road if you get a blowout. They don’t turn as well as a dual axle in tight areas, you may scrub a tire but it is a small price to pay for the other benefits of a triple. I would het the specs of the boat and just call several trailer manufacturers and see what they say about cost. Cost will vary between aluminum and steel trailers. I would go with bunks instead of rollers unless you typically launch at shallow ramps.

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The all up tow weight of a Pilot 30 with an aluminum trailer will approach 15,000 lbs and with a steel one it will probably go over 15,000 lbs. Definitely triple axle territory.

And it will take a full one ton truck to tow that rig, preferably with dual wheels. Diesel will be best. The cost of a new trailer would be close to $10,000. And the cost of a new truck, big $$$$.

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Thanks for the replies. Looks like I'm going to Plan B
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The other issue with trailering a boat that size is that you usually have to have the boat lifted off your trailer to launch, you can't just back it down the ramp to launch it like smaller boats. I have a friend with a 32' NT that he trailers, just to his home for the winter and back to the water in the spring. It's $500 a pop to launch, plus scheduling the harbor to get on the list.
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