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cleaning bottom paint

I just got my Mainship 34 bottom painted with two coats of Pettit ablative hydrocoat. Also running gear was painted with protective paint.

In the past I had divers clean the bottom but wish to do it my self with tanks.

I need some advise from someone who has experience.

First I understand I should do nothing ( except use the boat ) for the first 6-8 weeks after boat is back in water.

After that I'm at a lost to know how to clean bottom. What do I use?
Can someone advise me


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Good morning Jann
If the paint is doing it's job, you shouldn't really need to clean for any reason other than aesthetics. Every time you take a scrub brush or power washer to the bottom paint, especially ablative paint, you're prematurely removing the agents that are there to inhibit growth. Regarding the running gear, I just jump overboard with a face mask & paint scraper to keep the hardware free of growth.

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When I put a high quality ablative bottom paint on my boat I could go 8 to 12 months without cleaning. Then a diver cleaning every 4 to 6 weeks could stretch it to two years.

I wouldn’t clean it until you see some hard growth. You paid a lot of money for that paint. Let it do it’s job.
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Good advice. I use a Scotch scrub pad along the water line and down a foot or so where most of the soft growth is. Since I put a third coat on originally in that area, a periodic scrubbing (every 3 months or so) doesn't loose antifouling effectiveness.

Then for the hard stuff which I tackle only after the first year in the water, I use a wide dry wall knife for the wide hull surfaces and a smaller putty knife for the prop and strut.

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If the hull is in the water, then a green scrubb pad or a brush will do the job. If the baot is hauled a pressurewasher will do the job if done immediately. If the boat is hauled and slime is allowed to dry, it will be much tougher to remove.
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