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2006 Mainship 34 questions

I'm searching for a trawler, and I've become aware of a 2006 Mainship 34 that just might become available for purchase soon.

I'll be mostly cruising TN river system and possibly some longer trips on ICW.

Any thoughts on the relative quality of Mainship vs. others in this price range?
Are there specific issues I should look for if/when I have opportunity to view the boat?
What size is the bed on this boat - looks like a queen from the photos I've seen online. (haven't had a chance to see a Mainship 34 yet)

Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.
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Mainships were a decent quality boat but they were a production boat. They are like any production boat in that they all likely suffer from the same common problems. Wet decks, leaking windows and soft stringers. Those are usually the most common problems and possibly the most costly. A boat of that age should not have fuel tank issues yet, but check them closely. Whatever you do get a good surveyor and have the boat checked in depth. Have a good mechanic check the engine(s). The queen may be a true queen or a slightly smaller version, I am not sure on that particular boat.

When buying a used boat the original build quality isnít necessarily the most important thing, how it was maintained is the most important thing IMO. Good luck.
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Dave is accurate in his assessment of MS.
We have a 2008 34 Hardtop so same boat w/o the flybridge. The soft/wet deck issue is primarily an upper deck thing with many pentrations and more opportunity for leakage..
Ours is a single eng w/ B&S thrusters which makes it maneuverable and easy access for any eng maint as there is a ton of room around the single (kneeling not standing). We have had no window or door leaks or issues. The covered side decks keep much of the Wx off all but the front windshield. MS is a decent production quality and IMO and others a good value for what you get. There are many higher quality boats in that range but at significantly higher $.
We cruise inland lakes, canals and Great Lakes with no intention of coastal cruising so it suits our needs very well. The late model year 34 T/HT are a comfortable 2 person boat... we have spent over 60 continuoys days aboard cruising and been very comfortable / satisfied.
More info/pics on my Bacchus website, including pics & details of our 2019 2+ mo cruise. Any question PM me if I dont pick up on here.
Good luck
2008 MS 34 HT Trawler
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I agree with what the others said above. I am an ex Mainship 34T owner. I didn't have any water intrusion in my decks during the four years I owned her. I think like almost any boat, this can be avoided by rebedding all external fittings every 5 years or so which will eliminate water getting into the core.

The 34T is a great value for the money. Sure you can find a better Sabre or Legacy but of the same age, these will cost significantly more.

I had the single engine Yanmar 370 that cruised at 7 kts and 2-1/2 gpm fuel, 12 kts at 11 gpm and wot at 16 kts and 20 gpm. Pick your poison. This is one of the few boats of its size that has the beam for a twin which will do a few more kts at cruise and wot.

The forward bed is a real Queen. The wide beam provides a very roomy cabin (and engine room).

Good luck with your purchase.

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We had a 2006 34T for 8 years. Very good boat for the value. Mainship did many things right and a few wrong.

I think the berth is a kind-of queen. It is really more diamond-shaped - well, a queen-sized rectangle with the 4 corners nipped off. We had a special fitted sheet for the bottom.

The berth was my major dislike of the boat. We found it just too tight for two.

We have a 'real' queen now and there is a world of difference.
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I have owned a MS 34 2006 for 5 yrs. Many boats may have soft deck problems. Just get your surveyor to check the decks with a moisture meter etc. I wanted a 2 state room boat and started looking for a MS 40 and fiberglass GB.Problem with the 40 was lack of room in the salon because the galley is directly across from the sofa. If you want leaking decks and windows GB is your boat! If you can live with only one state room the 34 is great. Large state room and massive flybridge.etc. I dont think I am suppose to give out my phone number or E Mail address on a post .Call or EMail me if you can. Glad to talk to you!
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The MS 34 bed measures 76" X 60" (at the widest part)`but as David mentioned above it is a rounded diamond shape. A fitted bottom sheet and semi shaped flat top sheet is a LOT better than trying to deal with std sheets and the excess.
I've made several sets DIY (from oversized flat sheets) and it isn't very difficult, if you have or know someone with any household sewing machine.
If anyone wants instructions let me know and I can put something together and post it.
2008 MS 34 HT Trawler
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City: Knoxville TN
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Thanks so much for all of the great information. This forum has a wealth of knowledge that everyone is so happy to offer. Hoping this boat goes on the market - looks like it might be a good fit for what we're planning to do.
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