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Routt 02-19-2022 08:37 AM

Prairie 29 Window
I need advice on where i might possibly purchase a new window for my 29 Prairie I purchased recently. Hull #5.
It is the angled forward window by the lower station. I will replace its mate on the port side as well.
Getting ready to transport it by truck in a few weeks. Of course bridge needs to come off for height restrictions. I have removed bridges before on other boats I have had..always a ton of hours and tons on work...LOL!! Any tips removing one from a Prairie 29 would be greatly appreciated. Always great to hear from someone who has done it before!! Each model and brand of boat has its own little nuances.
Hope all have a great day!! to posting on any forum!!

kokopelliTim 02-19-2022 10:21 AM

Welcome to the Prairie 29 Family!!!!

I am sure you will learn much, have fun and experience things only such a cruiser can give to you.

I did NOT remove my bridge. The guy who trucked it had a trailer that allowed the keel to be lowered in the front of the trailer (I do not know the name of this type of trailer although he did tell me); so it was inches below the maximum 15' max for the road.

Indeed it was inches. Might have cost me a little more for him having to bypass some overpasses and what not; but it was well worth NOT having to remove the flybridge.

NO car was needed for the truck. So it went smoothly.

I hope you can find a boat mover to do this for you. Ive heard too many bad expensive things about flybridge removal.

What marina are you going to there? I learned to sail on KYLake and soon shall cruise my P29 from NC to KYLake (hopefully before next winter).

Again, Welcome!


kokopelliTim 02-19-2022 10:22 AM

As for the window. Here Ive gone to a local glass/window company and he has always cut lexan, glass, whatever I needed to my pattern.


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