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waterguyjd 06-14-2020 05:53 PM

Hello from Tampa
I've been lurking for some time, but am looking forward to finding and buying a Trawler soon. Two challenges: Budget and Headroom/Berth size (I'm 6'4" tall).:banghead: Been looking at the 1997 to 2008 Mainship line. I like the 400 but can better afford the 390/350. I love some of the features of the older TT's that are in my price range, but I am a bit scared that the purchase price will just be a down payment and I am not fond of exterior teak ... My hope is to spend a few years getting familiar with my trawler doing some upgrades and local trips and then head out for some longer term adventures.

I spent a lot of time on Sailboats in Annapolis growing up but I can't get a sailboat to my dock due to bridge clearance issues so, it's a STINKPOT for me! :D I have had quite a few boats through the years but I am ready to slow down a bit!

rgano 06-14-2020 05:58 PM

Welcome. There are plenty of MS owners and even former owners here who will gladly offer information on the models you may be looking at.

Comodave 06-14-2020 08:45 PM

Welcome aboard. Good luck with your search.

JohnS 06-14-2020 11:48 PM

I know the problems of headroom. Also 6'4".
I looked at a lot of boats online, then checked the marque forums and old maker spec sheets to see about headroom.
We found a 1986 Cheoy Lee 40 LRC in good shape, for a good price, that has all the headroom I need, including in a shower that is large enough to actually wash in.
Good luck with your search.

Swa 06-15-2020 12:14 AM

Welcome aboard,
Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Always open to a home town TF member.

chiropaul 06-15-2020 08:58 AM

Welcome to the forum. Lots of great info and people here, so feel free to ask questions. I'm just south of you in Wimauma, with my boat located in Ruskin.

bayview 06-15-2020 09:35 AM

IMO V berths will not work for you. I suggest an aft cabin with a full queen. I had a Carver 440 that had lots of headroom.

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