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Dgolding 03-20-2018 05:06 PM

1988 President 41
Hello, I am a new member and am looking at purchasing a 1988 President 41 with twin 250 hp diesels.
I have read that there can be issues with these boats due to the manner in which some of the manufacturing was farmed out to various sub contractors
I am looking at having the boat surveyed and shipped out west where it can shipped across the border into San Carlos Mexico.
I would appreciate any and all comments on folks knowledge and experience with these boats as we saw one many years ago and they looked to be sturdy boats.
We will use the boat simply for short day trips and the occasional overnight.
Many thanks

Comodave 03-20-2018 07:54 PM

We have a 1987 President 41 DC. We have SP225 Ford Lehmans. We really like our boat. It was somewhat neglected by the PO so we are doing a lot of work to the boat, but that is what I like doing so it works for us. The boat is pretty well built. So far I have not found anything that made me regret buying it. We have put about 2000miles on it so far. The engine room is a bit tight with access to the stbd impeller almost impossible to get to but I have found a method to service it now so it is ok. Our layout is different from all the 41s that I have seen, more like the layout of some of the 43s that I have seen. There are several 41 owners that post here so you will probably get feedback from others. This is our 23rd boat so we have seen good and bad. This boat is above average for Taiwan trawlers I think.

Dgolding 03-21-2018 04:40 PM

thanks so very much for your response!!!

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