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psneeld 06-08-2017 05:55 AM

New 75A in box battery charger - $175
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$175 includes US shipping.

Go Power!*75 Amp Smart Battery Converter / Charger


Designed for flooded lead acid and AGM batteries
Converts 120 Volt AC (nominal voltage) to 13.6 Volt DCAs a power supply, tightly controlled regulation allows user to operate any 12 Volt DC load up to converter's rated output current
As a battery charger, converter will maintain battery, delivering its full-rated current when battery capacity becomes sufficiently low
Over time, as battery nears full capacity, converter will float charge the battery to prevent self-discharge of its cells
Multiple protection features for a long, trouble-free service life:Reverse battery polarity protection
Over-current protection – cycle-by-cycle peak limiting and rated current limiting to maximize life of converter
Over-temperature and brown-out input protection
4-stage battery charging


Go Power!*
Model No. GPC-75-MAX
Battery Banks: 1DC Output Amperage: 75 Amps DC Output Voltage: 13.6 Volt DC AC Input Voltage: 105 - 135 Volt AC Frequency: 47 - 63 Hz
Dimensions: 3.45" H x 7.5" W x 10.5"
L Stages: Bulk Absorption Float Equalization

Go Power! 75 Amp Smart Battery Converter / Charger

psneeld 06-08-2017 06:51 PM


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