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aevdg 04-24-2017 01:21 PM

10 Foot (3-4 person) RIB - How to Store on KK42
We are looking for brilliant ideas on how to secure our 10 foot RIB to our KK42 (1982). The previous owners just had a few boards - and that won't do. My husband is thinking of storing it on the flybridge - and would like suggestions and pictures.

thanks so much

Bay Pelican 04-24-2017 02:04 PM

A ten foot RIB stores nicely on the center line of the upper deck aft of the mast.

We built a cradle although one can buy a cradle and attached it to the upper deck with through bolting. The aft section of the cradle (and thus the dinghy) needs to be approximately 14-18 inches from the stern light. I may be wrong on this measurement. It is essential to be able to store the dinghy on the cradle and still leave room for the outboard.

It is easiest to just raise the dinghy and outboard and determine the placement of the cradle with the dinghy suspended a couple of inches above the deck.

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