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Fletcher500 02-17-2017 11:04 AM

Prop Guard - FSI ; Propeller Coating
Prop speed has been around for along time, and there are many discussions on here about it.

I recently found out about the Prop Guard coating which is a ceramic coating and used extensively in other industries, and on boat propellers in the commercial fishing fleet.

Overall, it does not have widespread use. This may be due to the Fact that The application process can only be done in the shop, and requires a few days as opposed applying prop,speed in the yard.

I have talked to two commercial fisherman (100 ft. boats) that have used in the past 10 years, and they both had good things to say. But, that is about it, and I have not spoken to anyone who has applied it in the past few years.

Costs for both coating systems are similar, but I think the ceramic will last longer and could provide better protection.

Has anyone used this product or talked to people that have?

Ken E. 02-17-2017 11:26 AM

I'd be interested in how long it lasts. I get 3 years from Propspeed.

tadhana 02-17-2017 11:47 AM

I have heard of that product but have not used it. Prop speed is terrific, if a tad expensive, and works best on boats that get a lot of use. A diver in FL recommended something called "Prop Glop". The name hardly sounds credible. Sounds a bit like a scam, but I tried it. See attached report with pictures.

what_barnacles 02-18-2017 07:08 PM

retry the attachment Tad.

A dock mate said the stuff the boat yard put on his props and shafts was real thick like peanut butter and had to be heated to make it flow properly in order to apply it. He said they heated the stuff in a microwave and hit the prop and the shafts with a torch as well.

Unfortunately he cant recall the name of it.

BandB 02-18-2017 07:42 PM

Well, my opinion hasn't changed from the other forum. It might be the latest and greatest, but I'm very happy with prop speed so not going to make a change at this time. Also, my yard is most familiar with applying prop speed. We also apply to all metals where you're just going to apply to the props. I'm guessing you'll just have the prop shop do it.

It apparently is in greater use in Europe.

stone beach 02-19-2017 05:25 AM

Anyone using a boat frequently ( = commercial fisherman) doesnt need anything to stop barnacle fouling on props. Ceramic coatings are more about improving efficiency....I know barnacles lower efficiency as well !!! but its a different topic.
The other stuff mentioned (peanut butter type) sounds like tallow. Works on sailboats for a while, wont last long on a trawler.

tadhana 02-19-2017 08:13 PM

I have been having trouble linking a file to my comments. Here some pictures of my propeller taken over the last couple of years. I had been using the grey zinc paint for many years. It is barely better than nothing. So on the advice of an FL diver I tried this product called Prop Glop. Sounds like a scam, but the pictures are pretty telling. That being said, we do keep our wheel turning more than most people. According to the manufacturer this stuff works on boats which just sat, and boats which get normal use. I have no connection to this company. I'm not sure that the stuff really works, or is it just that the wheel keeps turning?

BandB 02-19-2017 09:36 PM

So now we have Prop Guard, Prop Gold, Prop Glop, Prop Speed and we also have many others in development by the paint companies rather than other parties. Pettit has Prop Coat. There's a product called Steel-It and one Prop Armor and Velox Plus Prop Paint.

I'd stick to what you can find yards with experience using for at least a couple of years as just like anti-fouling paint, application is likely to be very important. I know some require indoor conditions, some can be done anywhere. They require different application techniques and different time to dry.

There will be more paints, probably an increase in ceramics. For now, we're staying with what has worked for us.

Be careful with a yard pushing something new very hard. Just be aware they've probably got a financial incentive to do so.

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