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Jamup 01-06-2017 07:12 PM

A New Way to Fish?

RT Firefly 01-06-2017 07:24 PM

I thought it might have been this way...

harvardrvr 01-06-2017 10:51 PM

While I think its great for underwater video and photography, I think using it for fishing is the stupidest most unsportsmanlike thing I've seen in a long time, my question to the manufacturer is WHY??

AKDoug 01-06-2017 10:57 PM

It would be an awesome way to scope out your "secret" anchoring spot in that popular bay :-) I have one spot that I anchor on all the time that is always empty when I come into the bay, no matter how many boats there are in there. Rocks all around with just one hole in the middle...

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