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meagandecarlo 07-04-2016 12:43 AM

41' chb

I'm new here :)

There is a 1979, 41' CHB for sale that looks interesting, but it has a teak upper deck and I see some water damage inside by one of the windows. It has a Lehman motor with 2198 engine hours, I'm assuming its rebuilt. I have not seen the boat in person yet, but am trying to convince my hubby to buy a boat and live-aboard!
Do you experienced boaters think that this is a good entry-level boat to live-aboard? Or would we end up sinking too much $$ and time and be turned off from boating forever?

Thanks, I appreciate your time!


psneeld 07-04-2016 05:58 AM

REALLY depends on the boat, but it is a rare Taiwan Trawler that if already has apparent damage that hasn't been fixed that you would be buying into a constant stream of projects....maybe all small....maybe not.

I got a great deal on my boat. I have been living aboard for 4 years and cruising her for 4-5 months in the winter. The rest of the year my on call job has allowed me to work on it every other day to a point. And I have.

I am far from a perfectionist, but I like my bota to work as intended, not catch fire, explode, sink or look too trashy. My initial 3 year estimate to git'er done was extended to 5 years in no time...

Now after exhausting my body and patience....I am on the part time 10 year plan till she let's me sit down for morning coffee and not be planning which project do I need to do today.

So....many "good deals" out there either take time or money to get back in shape...some take both. Look at this or any boat with what your tolerance level is, but carefully evaluate a lot of advice from non-liveaboards. While they may know their stuff....often they fail to put it into perspective until it is pointed out what they would or wouldn't do for their dirt house.

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