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FF 03-23-2015 01:11 PM

Instead of a flashing light panel, simply not installing the sound stand off feet will allow the pump to be heard most anywhere in the vessel, no need to stand at the helm.

Since most boats have the engine off 99% of the time while cruising , the risk of loosing one tank of water becomes low.

HopCar 03-23-2015 02:09 PM

Jabsco has replaced the Sensor Max Series Pumps with the VFlo Pumps.
Looks like they made some nice improvements and you don't need an accumulator tank. Should be an almost drop in replacement for the Sensor Max. I'm about to order some for my store.
42755 Series VFLO 5.0 GPM (19 LPM) Water Pressure Pumps > Sensor Max VSD Pumps > Xylem Flow Control - Let's Solve Water.

C lectric 03-23-2015 10:16 PM

if you want to continue with the accumulator and a standard type on /off pump and NOT the variable flow pumps then do what I did with the Sqr D pressure Sw.

Look at an air compressor type pressure sw. and adjust to minimum of 25PSI with a 45 or 50 psi shutoff. Air pressure is what i used to set it up/check it. . Just be sure the sw. can be adjusted for that pressure range.. You won't need the relief function but they will start at zero pressure unlike mine.

The one I bought last summer [below] was a well type control so it has a minimum pressure to start the auto function meaning if the pressure drops to less than about 15psi , I then have to go down and overide the safety. That minimum was meant to protect the pump in case the well runs out of water. I have never run out of water although if you think you might then the protection would be a good idea.

I set mine for about 25-45psi

I used both contact sets for + & - lines and added a reverse diode to kill the backflash from the motor to further protect the contacts.

My sw. starts and stop cleanly and the old one gave 20 yr service.

Bsterk 03-24-2015 11:52 AM

Fresh Water Pump
I do not have an accumulator tank. Which shurflo pumps have the ability to work without an accumulator tank (I have a local supplier that has a Shurflo 4901-6202 on his shelf that I could pick up today)? Based on what I'm reading online I think I want to stay away from the jabsco vflo (seems like their overcurrent/undercurrent protection is a little overzealous and leads to unwanted shut downs).

HopCar 03-24-2015 02:02 PM

There are two types of pressure system pumps that don't need accumulator tanks.

Jabsco makes variable speed pumps that will run just fast enough to supply your need. If you open the faucet just a little, it runs slow. Open the faucet more and it speeds up. This is the Vflo series of pumps.

ShurFlo stopped making variable speed pumps and went to bypass type pumps.
When you open a faucet with a ShurFlo, the pump comes on full speed just like a pressure switch pump. If the faucet isn't open enough to handle the full flow, the excess water is shunted back to the intake of the pump and is pushed back to the tank. This is a simpler system, but noisier, than the variable speed as the pump is on full speed when ever water is drawn. This is the ShurFlo Aqua King II series of pumps.
AQUA KING™ II Fresh Water Pumps

River Cruiser 03-25-2015 12:53 PM

Having a new spare guarantees a long life for the original;-)

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