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timjet 01-11-2010 07:30 AM

Comments of a Jefferson please
Hi Folks,

I looked at a '89 Jefferson 40 convertable sedan the other day. The boat has some odd issues that made be concerned that some major repair was done on the boat.

The cockpit and fly bridge flooring did not have the neat diamond pattern non-skid you see on most boats. It had a rather dull looking non-skid that was for lack of a better description a flake pattern. Random sized flakes painted into the floor. The edge of a panel where you would see the non-skid end say around a corner was there like you would typically see. This just seems rather strange for such a quality boat.

Another issue is the salon floor is the same as the deck. No teak and holly sole just a fiberglass non-skid the same as above. It looked OK, but again seemed not quite right.

Lastly, 2 walls in the hallway between the salon and fwd stateroom are exposed painted fiberglass. The rest of the boat has the fine woodwork other Jefferson's have. I can tell these fiberglass walls were painted since the boat was built because a slight amount of paint is on the teak trim that surrounds the fiberglass walls.

There are other Jeffersons's 40 sedan's *for sale, but pictures of these don't show the areas in question well enough to determine if this was how they came from the factory.

The rest of the boat did not show anything unusual, and I don't really think there was major repair work done, but I'm just wondering if anyone knows these boats well enough to provide information. Furthermore, would anyone care to comment on the Jefferson's in general.

Thanks Guys,

Baker 01-11-2010 04:07 PM

RE: Comments of a Jefferson please
FIrst off, I do not have any information ref the boat in question although that model of boat has been on the short list simply because they offer a lot for a very good price. They seem to be "bastards" in that they are not really geared towards fishing but that is what their style projects. SO the fishermen don't really like them and the crusising community doesn't really like them because they look like sportfishers. Therefore, it takes a special buyer which means they can be had for less money. The one I was really liking was the one in Florida with a new paint job priced at $88k. Is that the one you are talking about? I think it disappeared from Yachtworld so I thought it may have sold.

I am a big fan of the Jeffersons. I do think that they are a step up in the asian built boats. I don't think they are better than other Asian built boats....they just seem to have a little more consistency and better quality control. This is just an opinion. One of the good things about them is that they are designed and contracted in Indiana. SO you find a lot of them on inland lakes in fresh water.....LOTS of them. Anyway, it is uncommon that you find such a disproportionate number of boats from the same builder that are freshwater. You can find some gems in the middle of the country if you can find a way to get them to the coast.

Another thing I like about their sundeck models is the way the lay out the galleys. Instead of a U-shaped galley, they are usually L-shaped and combine it with the "hallway" going forward. This just gives the galley, and the overall boat, a little more of a spacious opens up that "down" space a bit.

timjet 01-11-2010 07:50 PM

RE: Comments of a Jefferson please

Yes the boat I looked at is the boat you are*referring*to. The seller took it off the market for possibly one or 2 reasons. He stated he wanted to use the boat a couple more months but I think it's possible the broker told him to wait for a better price. Anyway, I guess it's for sale, but I doubt the seller is motivated.
The boat has been owned by the present owner for 2 years and with the exception of the hull paint I don't think he has done much to it. It has a mish mash of electronics on the bridge, several duplications, some don't work and nothing recent. The autopilot is broke but the seller claims it just needs a part. The bottom was painted 6 months ago, but it appears it hasn't been cleaned since then. The interior is in good shape, but again there is nothing extra on the boat except I believe a 10 disc CD changer and player. The interior looked good but the exterior is as described above. All the other 40 Jeff's on the internet looked better, at least in the pictures.
Interesting your comment about the appeal of this boat. This never*occurred*to me. If I make an offer I will keep in mind the limited appeal of this boat.
Thanks John.

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