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Jim Kizziar 06-22-2013 06:56 AM

Water Intrusion Problem with Halvorsen 32
I am new to this forum and am seeking help on a problem with my 2004 Halvorsen 32 Gourmet Cruiser #118 manufactured by Jet Tern Marine. Despite a very thorough survey (so I thought), I recently discovered after 18 months ownership substantial water intrusion into the keel sump below the engine room and lazarette flooring. The space was full (to the brim) of black, nasty smelling water which deteriorated the marine plywood supporting the flooring from under the engine aft into the lazarette for a width of approximately 18 inches between the principal longitudinal stringers (the engine stringers are dry). To repair this problem, the engine, generator and water tank must be removed, the area opened and cleaned out, new flooring created for the areas and then resealed (with an inspection hatch and float switch alarm this time). My insurance carrier is working through this issues with me. We still are trying to determine the source of the water/problem, which likely has been there for years. Has anyone experienced this type of problem and/or have any ideas on potential sources. The Halverson 32 has otherwise proven to be a good quality and well constructed vessel.

Jim Kizziar
Halvorsen 32 Great Escape
Annapolis, Maryland

Phil Fill 06-22-2013 09:52 AM

My first thought is the shaft tube and or the shaft seal. The Eagles front and rear seal tube seal leaked. Had to have the area cut and ground out.

What is the keel made filled with? The Eagles is concrete so it did not have to be remove just dried out before closing sealing back up. I did most of the grunt dirt work of openings and drying and had the yard do the rest. Took several weeks to dry so I painted the top and bottom of the hull while waiting.

sunchaser 06-22-2013 11:07 AM

Some years ago a surveyor friend (yes they do indeed have friends) was asked to investigate the smell from new build from Malaysia. It turned out to be the keel area had been used as a latrine by the workers before it was glassed over and sealed up. Like Jenn Tern, this is a very well known yard. Well known via marketing spiels doesn't always mean good build quality.

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