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Everyone's situation is different, and both of you are right. Fro people or businesses who use their boats on a daily basis, financing to get the necessary boat is often the best route. What commercial fisherman has the cash money sitting there to buy their boat outright. Probably not many, initially anyway. And for the individual or couple who buy a boat for a live-aboard, it's ok too.

But for the guy whose boat will sit on the dock for most of the year, or on a trailer in their yard, then the financing route makes that "hole in the water" that much bigger and harder to fill.

So as long as the buyer is fully aware of the total cost (as was mentioned in another post) and they are comfortable with that, and more importantly fully able to maintain that, then who else should care? The boats we pass on the water or on the dock aren't labeled with how much debt they carry. All we can tell is how often it's being used and how well it's being maintained.
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