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Yes, reality is good. Before I bought my boat I researched, mulled, pondered and researched more to determine the right boat for me. After 14 months with my boat I have no regrets. I bought a boat not too old (2005). This dealt with the reality of my general lack of handiness. I set a "boat budget" which after much research felt was sufficient (moorage, fuel, insurance, maintenance, repairs and upgrades). My sufficient budget is pretty darn close, but I did blow it this year with a couple of necessary (aren't they always) upgrades. Based on the initial condition of my boat, which was exceptional and my sufficient budget, I feel I can keep on top of things so the boat does not deteriorate into a state of general disrepair. I read about many horror stories of older boats that seemed cheap only to cost owners much time, money and grief. Some people buy older boats because they like projects. I am not that person....I like to boat. Know what you want the boat to do for you, know your skill limitations and know your financial limitations. I am a firm believer in not financing toys, so if you cannot pay cash for a boat, think this over long and hard before jumping into debt to buy a hole in the water into which we throw money!
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