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Originally Posted by psneeld

The rating is based more about loading, level flotation and handling. So beefing up the transom to hold a higher hp engine isn't the issue, it's about having the boat filled almost to the gunnels and doing a high speed turn and dumping everyone in the water.

I wouldn't think it possible to flip a 34 Silverton based on the number of people on board..but somebody figured out how to do it and killed people. Now there's an outcry to put those same capacity plates on even bigger boats.

If you alter your boat significantlty...I think you can apply to have that plate changed or if it really is changed that much...I would say rip it off ad call the boat a homebuilt...but to stay within the law ya gotta do something.

Where the OP is, I'm not sure the USCG even has juridiction (waters wholly within a state) and as I said in my first post...the state may or MAY NOT have a rule against it...I know New Jersey does so I passed the info along. As for being have someone hurt or killed on a boat of yours these days...doesn't matter if you are squeaky clean..your legal bill alone might bankrupt you and even if you counter sue for legal bills.. you might get excactly what they have...nothing.
Well like I said there is now tag to rip off it already gone, if I added a wooden deck to the front would that be enough home made ish do you think? The worst part is apache put the tag on the transom wood and it rotted out and it fell off
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