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Assuming it's aluminum. I wouldn't worry about it. If it were to fail, the failure won't be a sudden thing. I would expect it to be in the form of rivits working loose, or fatigue cracks in the aluminum. These things will take a lot of use to manifest themselves. I would expect cracks to form in the upper corners between the transon and the sides. Fatigue accumulates over many, perhaps hundreds of hours. It is afterall only a six horse. Personally I would run it, use common sense, and watch for flexing of metal. Keep an eye on it, if after several years, it starts to show cracks, you can decide if its cheaper to get it TIG welded or throw it away and get a different boat. IF, it made of wood, disregrard all of the above. That's just my opinion, it's your decision. You bring the worms?
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