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RE: Our dilemma

John -

I was in about the same place a year ago. I had decided on a CHB, as they do give a lot of bang for the buck. Even put a couple of offers in that were turned down (in one case because I needed 3 weeks to get a survey together - they turned me down and ended up not selling for about 3 months... but I digress).

My plan was to find one that wasn't too "leakey teakey," use it for a few years, and then find some shop space for a winter, pull it out, yank the decks, and fix the rotten plywood corea as necessary.

I blundered into the Rawson and found that there are a class of boats built by smaller U.S. and Canadian yards. With the Rawson, it was a commercial fishing boat manufacturer that branched out into pleasure boats. Most of these that I've seen are without teak decks or trim. Interiors are often a little utilitarian, but well built. Because the names aren't known and the interiors a little less luxurious, they seem to be a bit less expensive.

Looking on Yachtworld, I see a Rossborough 35' sedan, 1988, single Volvo, asking 65K. That looks to be a pretty good example of the kind of boat I'm thinking of.

Anyway, that's my $0.02...
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