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Originally Posted by rwidman View Post
The hazzard I see to swimming in a marina is the danger of being hit by a moving boat. Just like playing in the street except that boats don't have brakes.
Must be a regional thing. I understand SD up in Alaska but the Carolina/Gulf Coastal areas and inland waterways? I see it quite often in my sliver of America.

FWIW If swimming in the marina is like "playing in the street" you must have some awful busy marinas in your area. The larger ones perhaps? Many of ours are smaller, 50 slips or less and fairly quiet to boot.

People swimming off private docks at their house is extremely common too.

Rather than painting all swimmers as irresponsible idiots incapable of using common sense, would it be more prudent to know the danger may exist and inspect for problems before you accidentally fall off the dock and get electrocuted? It never was exactly at the top of my list of possible dangers from slipping and falling in the water before I watched this video.
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