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While as a rule I don't like the cabin cruiser look, the Bayliner models like the one pictured above are very nice looking for that type of boat in my opinion. You trip over them up here, of course, as they're absolutely everywhere. But very nice boats in terms of aesthetics. Most of them seem to have Hino engines which have as many proponents as detractors.

The only specific negative comment I have heard about these boats is from our diesel shop which told me that on all or some of them it is virtually impossible to get round the outside of the engines if you have to do anything over there. As a result, they said, items on that side are often ignored by owners to the engines' detriment.

You can get chine conversion kits for the 88 series that turn the rounded chine into a hard chine. Not cheap as I recall but from the reviews I've read they perform as advertised, raising the stern/lowering the bow at speed and increasing the boat's efficiency.
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