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Well, I'm in the wouldn't be caught dead in a bleach bottle Bayliner tribe.

I've always picked my boats not based on a tribe or impressing someone at the dock. They've been picked with an eye on functionality. Beauty grows from that functionality.

For us its simple. What do I want the new boat to do that the old boat wouldn't do?

So here's a photo of my Bayliner bleach bottle. Take away the name for a moment and just look at the boat. What do you see?

Well... I see a pilothouse design (for a nice weather protected dedicated place to pilot the boat from)

I see a large boat deck with skiff storage and lots of room for entertainment, along with a helm station for nice days

I see a covered cockpit (to protect us from the rain)

Inside I see a full width salon, a large galley, three staterooms, and two full bathrooms.

I see a stable coastal cruiser that can make open ocean crossings up to 400NM safely.

I see a boat that I could cruise to Alaska (done that twice), cruise the coast to Mexico (planning that). Cruise the carribean (another plan), or the great loop (the plan of all plans)

Others might see a bleach bottle and "not be caught dead in one" I see a lifetime of adventures waiting to happen.

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