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Originally Posted by jleonard View Post
I owned an old Mainship, a 1978, and I know many many Mainship owners. I still am a member in the local owner's group as we have many frinds there.
I agree that the quality is not the best, but all in all they are good boats. You should not be embarrassed to own one.
They all have their "quirks", just join the owner's group in Yahoo and find out from current and past owners what the isues are and factor that in to your decision.
We may very well go down that route, we are certainly going to look very closely at a few. You know, the engines and the systems are mostly the same, a yanmar is a yanmar whether it is in a Mainship or a Hinkley. Same is true mostly about fridges, heads, pumps, fuel filters, wire, panels the list goes on and one. And our budget puts us in a super clean mid to late 2000's mainship 40, as opposed to other brands that may be 10 years older for the same price. I'm not so sure that doesn't swing the pendulum in the end.
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