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Originally Posted by ben2go View Post
What's everyone's thoughts on carrying a dink on the roof?
Since you asked..... I think it's a bad idea and would never do it on any boat. Stability may or may not be an issue but more important to me is safety. If one's dinghy/shoreboat is the only means of abandoning the vessel I believe it should either be in the water already (towed) or stowed in a manner that it can be in the water in a very few minutes (swimstep mount or stern davit of some sort).

I've seen boatdeck-carried dinghies get away from the people launching it and break cabin windows and cause injuries, and that was in the relatively calm water of an anchorage with the boat barely rocking. Think about trying to launch the dinghy off the roof in an emergency-- a boat fire perhaps-- in rough water, which Murphy's Law says is when an emergency will occur.

And to the notion that "I'd just let the boat sink out from under the dinghy" keep in mind that boats don't always cooperate by sinking level. They turn over, stand on their sterns or stems and could easily damage, destroy, or sink the dinghy in the process of going down.

Now if you carry a separate life raft that will auto-deploy or can be launched in seconds with the pull of a lanyard or whatever then the need to be able to get the dinghy into water in a hurry is not so great. But most of us don't carry rafts for space or cost reasons. So the dinghy fills the role of lifeboat.

Which means the faster it can be in the water when you need it the better. Having it up on the roof of the cabin will make deployment a slow process at the best of times and perhaps an impossible one at the worst of times.
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