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Thanks for posting, Don. We left Chattanooga Thursday when this happened and had not heard. They posted the little girl's picture this morning--just heartbreaking.

We often used an auxilliary channel marker near the entrance to that slough, usually as a reaching mark, when racing out of Privateer. (in fact, it's just out of the frame in my avatar.) If the wind is out of the SE or NNW, the fetch actually can be several miles, but waves like they described are unheard of.

We were on the road that day--still in TN--in a 24-ft U-haul when we were hit by a sudden gust that was incredibly powerful. Scared the h**l out of us. It knocked trees down and caused us to take shelter under a bridge. (not a smart idea, it turns out).

I know we see the past through a lot of filters, but I don't remember insane weather like this as often as it seems to be occurring these days. Between this and the Island Cove tornado earlier this year, blue water sailing is starting to sound safer than Chickamauga Lake.
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