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Originally Posted by kpinnn View Post
Wow, a lot of information and more confusion. First as suggested I have used the Rinker at slow speeds and have had no problems, 7 knots a little slow and 9 knots perfect as long as steering is positive. The Rinker at 7 knots or 9 is a constant challenge to stay the course. Steering is also very hard. Maybe power steering is not working well. I am planning to check the pump this weekend. The attraction to a trowler is better seakeeping, economical operation and much more accessable components for maintenance. But, add the extensive windows and wood molding that is appears leak (The clipper I am looking at showes signs of window leakage in one spot. Not bad iut quick fix was a layer of fiberglass cloth at bottom edge of window.) add extensively to the maintenance. If this type of repair is simply a matter of removing and resealing that doesn't seem extremely oppressive. Assuming the plywood is not rotted. I guess I should say the preventive doesn't seem too bad. I know have two engines and everything takes twice as long and worst of all not easily accessable. Looked at a couple of Albins and they had soft decks and extensive windo leaks. I assume the house it probably rotted. Found two Mainships both with soft deck areas in the stern. Both owners told me this is common. Didn't know Bayliner made a trowler. Single engine diesel? Will look into Bertram. My bet is the amount I want to spend for a boat will limit me to the 80's boats, which by the way I think are cosmetically beautiful to look at. I assume most of the 80's boats were built with the same methods and suffer from the same problems.

Most 80's vintage trawlers are gonna cost you a lot more than the asking price unless you are in the top tier of the market prices.

When I was looking at 38-43 footers the price range was from maybe $40-$120,000. I got mine just under $60,000 with a 2 year old 135 Lehman. If I had a yard do my bottom, fix the windows and would have easily cost $60,000. Now add tank removal and replacement in the next couple years (not leaking but pretty rusty) and a few other projects and I would have been better off with one of the more expensive ones where the PO paid the big costs.

BUT...I'm doing the work myself and it should only cost me for the bottom, all new windows and decks...$10-$15,000. But most people aren't comfortable with that level of work.

Hopefully when I am done I will have split the difference in cost between the really clean trawlers (with unknown problems) and what I paid/invested...and I know I will have a boat that is closer to new...and better than factory in many areas.

So unless you are REALLY handy...older Taiwan trawlers can be a roll of the dice. And DON'T think a surveyor will catch the big stuff...mine missed what could have been a $30,000 bottom job!
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