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I LOVE the Trinka.
Yes. JUst as a very practical thing the PortaBoat works well for many applications. It's NOT a rowboat. A double end PB would be a deceint rowboat but most people do'nt even know what a row boat is. But as a very small OB boat that folds up they seem pretty darn good. It's possible we could use the port side deck alongside the cabin to store it and avoid most of the downsides to the roof top boat/dingy but if I could pull it off well the cabin top dingy would be could be a good classy boat. I wonder how difficult it would be to unfold the PB on the gunn'l of the aft cockpit?
But to have a Trinka or an 8 knot OB would be so much more like a "perfect solution" .... As posted earlier.
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