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Originally Posted by manyboats View Post
I'm watching this thread as I'm in much the same boat.
And I tend to agree w refugio. I've thought about it for years and have no "perfect solution". Had to resort to a soft bottom rubber ducky as a temporary solution and don't like it at all. Was going to do davits on the stern but now that we're not going to be in Alaska where cheap moorage makes that a good solution I'm back to the roof top. A canoe is a possibility as very light canoes are available but windage while docking could be an issue. I'm thinking of a very light aluminum crane and a boat w OB that weighs 200 lbs. Have you ever considered a Portaboat?
Not a fan of PortaBoat.Heard some stories.

Originally Posted by markpierce View Post
Ditto, "manyanchors" Eric, although I'm thinking of an 8-foot, oar-powered, 80-pound (not yet acquired) hard dinghy using the spare halyard to lift/lower it to/from the saloon roof. But if traveling in the protected Delta waters, it may be best to just tow it like this sailboater:

I will probably tow on the good days.The only thing that concerns me when towing a dink,is it hitting the transom during a quick throttle down.I'm familiar with tying the dink off on the side when reversing.

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