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Originally Posted by Scary View Post
Try this approach, build your platform around the drive. You probably would want to maintain 12" of free board with your platform. If you get it too low you will have problems in following seas and at anchor. You don't want following breaking seas steering your boat with the platform. If you plan it correctly you will be able to change props with the drive up from your platform.
Good points.I will see how things work out and if that is an option.

Originally Posted by refugio View Post
I don't see a perfect solution to your dinghy storage problem.

But I would not recommend putting an 11' dinghy athwartship an 8'4" boat. I have almost the same situation with my dinghy (13'5" plus the outboard on a boat with a 15'6" beam) and it makes it much harder to maneuver. Your I/O will help with the turning, but that's still too much overhang on each side.

Further, that dinghy is 4'3" in beam - on a 12" swimstep that will make it 5'3" above the water - depending on where your cockpit / cabin sole is, I think that might obstruct your rearward vision.

If you're looking for a temporary solution to fit in a smaller permanent slip - and always plan on towing - then I suppose either the swimstep or the cabin top could be made to work. Depending on your slip configuration, you might be able to keep your dinghy in the water and tuck it under the bow.
I didn't consider the rear view issue.I do plan to have a rear view cam.My boat will be trailered except when doing the loop.Then I may run into slip issues with the dink on back.When I am on my local lakes,i won't use the dink.

Somethings are hard to plan for,but I want to be prepared when I build.I'd rather makes changes on the fly rather than have to rework something.

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