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I was planning to use a crane that runs from the deck up the back of the cabin and above the roof by 36 inches.I did one of these out of aluminum, on a pontoon, for lifting coolers on board.Worked beautifully.It was two piece and used pins to remove the upper section,48 inch boom,and manual strap style boat trailer winch.I've decided against carrying the dink on the roof.

I have rethought this idea and I think I will build a smaller dink.I was planning to build Maxi Miss.I think I'll build Mission Bay to use as a dink.That just means I will make two trips to shore to get everyone.I do plan to use a 5hp to 9.9 four stroke OB.I hate rowing, but I will have a set of oars for those special occasions.

I don't want to move the swim platform up.It would defeat the purpose of keeping it close to the water.If I put it above the I/O, and have the platform full length,it will be about a 1.5ft. below the top of the transom and nearly 1.5ft above the water.The transom is only 36 inches from the hull bottom to the rail cap.

What to do, what to do.

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