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Thanks Rwidman the lewmar seemed to work well on my 28ftr , I like that any way it lands its on the either side and the claw/Flukes pull it and rotate it around into the 100% upright and the harder it pulls the deeper is digs. On long weekends it would dig in so that i would use the windless to take in the slack as i bumped forward then when the chain was almost a 90, it would release and up she would come. We also do whats called the island anchor around here in some of the narrow areas drop a stern anchor play out plenty of line drop the front and take in the rear as you back down. Then when you have scope right tie off the rear. Pull the bow tighter and there you have a boat thats not swinging with the wind or tide and other boaters can motor past with out worry about your lines or running aground.
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