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Originally Posted by Northern Spy View Post
Looks good. I've had the Amtico website bookmarked for quite a while now. I hear that Hatteras uses it exclusively for their cabin soles. How does it feel under foot?
It's only 1/8" or so thick so it feels like the floor underneath. You will want a solid and smooth floor to lay this on. Patch knots and screw holes.

It's not an easy job by any means because the strips are three feet long and you don't want the seams to line up. The teak is a great imitation of natural wood with color and grain variations so you have to keep that in mind also. I made three piles, dark, medium and light.

I cut starter pieces of varying lengths on both the teak and the holly. I also tried different layouts so my cutouts for the hatches would not fall close to the edge of a strip.

You can see in the photos, I went the extra mile and put a border with mitered corners around the field. This was extra work but I think it was worth it for the overall effect.

I made the baseboard moulding from mahogany lumber. You can see it in the cabin photo. It hadn't been installed yet in the others.
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